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Energex Economy Tariffs

You can save money on a range of appliances by connecting them to an economy tariff. Economy tariffs provide electricity for up to 18 hours a day (outside peak times) at a discounted rate and are cheaper than the general usage tariff. Appliances that don’t need to be on all day are ideal for economy tariffs, such as hot water and pool pumps. Economy tariffs are designed to reward you for using electricity outside daily peak demand times (around 4-8pm).

There re currently two economy tariffs available:
Super Economy Tariff 31 – Available 8+ Hours approximately 10pm-7am
Economy Tariff 33 – Available 18+ Hours approximately 4pm-8pm

Hot water systems and household appliances will need to be wired and connected through a dedicated circuit back to your meter. This is because power is only available at certain times of the day in return for being charged a cheaper rate for electricity. You can place several appliances on this dedicated circuit. A separate meter may be installed and will be listed separately on your bill so you can see how much energy your appliances use on that tariff. Depending on the application you can reduce energy costs per application such as pools or hot water from 15% to over 70%.

Call NG to connect your household to an economic tariff and start saving money on your energy costs today.