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Solar rebates and incentives are provided by the Australian and Queensland government to help people get a return on their investments when converting their home into a solar energy efficient home. Current incentives include:

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

STCs are a federal scheme which assist people installing energy efficient renewable energy systems, and eligible hot water systems with STCs which can be applied to the purchase cost of new systems. The value of the STCs is determined by the electricity produced by your system and the climate of the region you reside. For more information about STCs visit

Solar Feed-in Tariffs

This scheme is useful for people that produce more energy than they use in their household. With NG installing your solar system any additional power can be transferred back into the shared grid and each kWh of energy you feed into the grid will result in monetary compensation in the form of money back each billing cycle. For more information about SFiTs visit